So I Haven’t Lost All of my Thrifting Mojo…

The other day, half in jest, I mentioned to my wife that I ‘needed’ a cashmere navy blazer or sport coat. She responded, appropriately, with a hearty guffaw. My desire, however, was further confirmed for me by how much I was tempted by one on the StyleForvm sales board later that day. It was, though a great deal, still priced higher than what I could justify spending on a sport coat right now.

The next day, I popped into a thrift I don’t visit very often and came upon this great vintage Brooks Brothers 100% cashmere blazer in my size for $20. It’s got all the great classic American details that distinguish the old Brooks blazer: 3 patch pockets, lightly padded natural shoulder, no darts, a very American 3 roll 2 lapel, swelled seams, etc. I’ve put it together here with my regular uniform these days of an OCBD, simple tie (I’m a sucker for brown and blue ties), jeans, and suede shoes.